About us

We understand the significant impact being wrongly accused has. We take a diligent approach to each case, doing the work that most investigators and solicitors don't commit to.

We examine all of the evidence, leaving no stone unturned, creating strong - winning - defence statements that will achieve the best possible outcome.

We are a boutique firm with a wealth of expertise and years of experience - we can help!

​Please note that Investigations cannot be funded by Legal Aid.​

However we work closely with a number of criminal practices who are able, subject to the qualifying criteria being met, to help you obtain legal aid.

*It is important to note that we specialise working as Criminal Defence Investigators & Consultants (pre-trial, trial and appeal) and NOT as private investigators. We have extensive police and investigation experience, which is extremely beneficial to our clients and enables us to advise accordingly.

We are not solicitors and do not provide legal advice, but we work very closely with expert lawyers and will arrange for contact with them, without delay in order to receive the legal advice and a meeting with us and the lawyer can be arranged at short notice where necessary. With our experiences, we are able to offer essential non legal advice.

We have many years of experience in people being Wrongly Accused of sexual offences, as do the lawyers whom we will work with on your case.

We do NOT deal with family law cases or minor criminal allegations such as shoplifting or disputes.