Have you been WRONGLY ACCUSED of a crime you didn't commit?

Offices now in London and the North

We arrange for excellent solicitors and barristers to work on your case or appeal. We will assist them in gathering all vital evidence to support you.

If you are accused, we can assist you for representation at the Police station, which is crucial.

Being wrongly accused of a crime is damaging and can ruin lives. It can lead to the breakdown of relationships with family, friends and work colleagues - even before any charges are formally made against you.

When you are accused of a crime, the police and various other agencies are tasked with building a case against you. This can rapidly snowball and there is a good chance that your liberties will be restricted.

Within a very short period of time, there will be a lot of people working against you.

What should you do? Call a solicitor? How do you find a good solicitor? One who will commit the time and resources necessary to build your defence?

We do NOT deal with family law cases, traffic offence cases or minor criminal allegations such as shoplifting or disputes. Nor do we deal with compensation cases.


​We use our vast experience in this area to find the perfect solicitor for you. One who will commit the time and resources necessary to build your defence. More importantly, we investigate!

"Surely all solicitors do that?" - You'd be shocked!

It is vital to remember that right from the start, the police are building a case against you. Phrases such as, "Nothing to worry about", "Just a formality", "I'm sure there's nothing in it" - will put your mind at ease - MISTAKE! You need early intervention, you need our expertise, or before you know it you could be charged!

We take a diligent approach to each case. Our expertise is doing the work that most investigators and solicitors don't commit to, by examining all the evidence, leaving no stone unturned, and creating strong - winning - defence statements that will achieve the best possible outcome.

The following is a typical example of the work we undertake:

  • Examine all transcripts and papers thoroughly
  • Trace and interview crucial witnesses
  • Collect and analyse exhibits
  • Prepare maps, communications and timelines
  • Carry out field enquires and analyse evidence
  • Identify irregularities in the prosecution

​I Was Wrongly Accused investigate in the UK, Europe and throughout the world.

​If you have been wrongly accused or wrongly accused and convicted, we can help! Call us today on 0203 319 9780.

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